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Hello!  My name is Joseph and I would like to Welcome you to our Website.

I’ve been doing Pet Grooming since early 2006 and decided in mid 2017 that it was time for me to start my own Mobile Business. I started this Mobile Pet Grooming business because I want to provide Quality First Class service to every pet that needs help.

Myself being a Pet Owner, I know it gets hectic with daily duties ranging from Work, Dropping off/Picking up kids from school, running important errands before the day ends, having to come home and focus on home duties, and who wants to sit around on the weekends waiting around for hours while their pet is at a Salon?

Please, take a look around here and if you feel I can help you out in any way, please give me a call at: 562-965-6345.  I would be very happy to assist you or even if it’s just to give some suggestions.

Thank You.

Benefits of Mobile Grooming:

We have a brand new, state of the art mobile grooming trailer and equipment.  There is also a designated area for cats only.  Our trailer is also self-contained with its own electrical supply and water.

  • One on one attention
  • We come to your door step
  • Pets feel more secure, close to home
  • No strange pets or noises to deal with
  • We take care of all breeds and sizes, for both dogs and cats
  • No cages
  • Less Stress
  • We accommodate for each pet’s needs and assistance
  • No travel hassle
  • Experience in handling elderly dogs with special needs

Free Consultation Available.  Just give us a call, text or email.

About Us

Quality Pet Care


Hello my name is Joseph Quiles,

I am the owner of Royal Spa Mobile Pet Grooming, I have been a mobile groomer for over 10 years and mobile pet grooming have the experience with both dogs and cats grooming.

Ever since I was young, I’ve always had a passion for both dogs and cats.  I’ve always wanted to be part of the pet care industry to care of them.  In 2006 at the age of 18 I was given the opportunity to get involved in the pet grooming industry and within the years I’ve learned how to properly handle, wash, dry and do proper haircuts on various breeds of dogs.  I also have acquired my certificates.

I have experience in handling cats of various temperaments and giving them the proper care needed,  in early 2017, I aimed to become a C.F.M.G. (Certified Feline Master Groomer) by the N.C.G. I. (National Cat groomers Institute)  to gain more knowledge in  the world of cat grooming.

I would like to say In the years of experience I have in pet grooming, I have had the opportunity to save a few lives.  Due to feeling  lumps, and advising owners to see their local Veterinarian.  Some lumps have turned out to be cancerous and their pet’s lives were saved.

For any questions you may contact me directly.   Joseph at 562-965-6345 or email me.

You can also email the office for billing questions or appointments.

Reliable and Trustworthy Groomer


Our new diamond nail filer does such a quick and clean job, the fir babies don't mind it as much. 

Satisfaction Guaranteed


Just one of our happy clients thanking Joseph for an awesome  job.  He gave him a few kisses and licks.  

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