Royal Spa Mobile Pet Grooming

Our Policy

Cash or Credit Card

  • Cash or credit card required, (no checks) for first appointments.

24 Hour Cancellation Required

  • A 24 hour notice for appointment cancellations is required. If we arrive to your address and you have forgotten to cancel or there is no one at home.  There will be a $25.00 travel fee, charged to you.  (we will only wait 15 minutes before we leave).


  • Your pet should have their Rabies shot up to date.

Safety First

  • Please advise, if your pet is aggressive to insure the safety of your pet and groomer.

Sick Babies

  • If pet has stitches, we will not bathe until stitches are removed or Veterinarian authorized bath.


  • Please disclose all health issues, your pet may have.


  • If your check is returned, there will be a  $40.00 NSF fee added to your check amount.  After two check are returned from bank, we will no longer be able to accept checks from you.

Right to Refuse

  • We have the right to refuse service if your pet is extremely aggressive or has severe health issues.